Pilgrim in Boston is a Must Read Blog

Christian blog online

I just wanted to write a short post to let you know that I found this new Christian blog online called Pilgrim in Boston. It is written by a man named Daniel who moved from Louisiana to Boston. He shares his life and has many devotional post that convict, uplift and inspire. I actually bookmarked the site and would recommend you do the same. He post on this site on a regular basis so keep checking to see if the latest post shows up. Another thing that I like is that he doesn’t talk about politics that can get very boring after a while.

His Influences

On the blog he sites as his influences David Pawson, Art Katz, Voice of Revolution with Dr. Michael Brown and he has a link to Sermon Index. You will find topics such as meditating on the word, spiritual discernment and he even has short exposes on modern day witch craft and Satanism. Lots of interesting stuff, go check it out.